Hydraulic Dock Leveler
Full hydraulic dock levelers offer Button-operation to control deck and lip functions, including deck raise lip kick out and return to stored position. And lip bumper and grease fitting on lip hinge are standard with each unit.
Hydraulic Dock Leveler
 Hydraulic power : 1.25 hp
 Hydraulic Deck and Lip
 Dynamic Capacities
 25000;30000 and 35000 lbs
 12000;14000 and 16000 kgs
 (Larger Capacities Available)
 6', 6.5' and 7' Widths, 6', 8' and 10' Lengths
 1800 and 2000 mm Widths,
 2000 and 25000 mm Lengths
 (Custom Sizes Available)
The Dock Leveler Build The Link Between The Truck and Platform of The Warehouse. It Adjust the Height Difference Between the Bottom of Truck Case and Platform of the Warehouse.
Reinforced gusseted lip
Heavy duty (6-8 box Beams) deck construction
Non skid tread plate deck and lip
Full width one-piece lip hinges pin and tube
Heavy duty high pressure cylinders
First class hydraulic power unit, good seal capability and long lift
Power is available in 1 ph (115), (220) or
(230) volts; or 3 ph (208), (230), (380) or
(460) volts; 50/60 Hz
Grande ' offers a 5-year warranty on structure members
Grande ' offers a 1-year warranty on power unit and miscellaneous parts
Larger capacities available
Custom sizes available
16", 18", 20" Lip length
Full-range toe guard
All loading bays

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